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Video Wednesday: Underground Bike Parking in Japan

Video: Amazing Technology For Parking Your Bicycle in Japan

Side note: I thought about calling this, Wideo Wednesday, but I decided that it might not be the best idea I’ve ever had. Still working on a catchy title.

Anyway, this is an awesome video to show some innovative bicycle parking in Japan. Biking is used to get around, run errands, to work and back, etc. and parking a bike can often be a challenge. If you just type “Bicycle Parking in Japan,” into Google or YouTube you’ll knock into a whole slew of different ways they park their bikes–some better than others.

This system is built under ground stacking the bikes on top of each other, and because it is secure in design, it does not need a team of people to watch the bikes as many overground bike parking lots do.

The cost: It’ll only run you about $29 a month.

I’d check out this blog post on Danny Choo about Japanese Bicycle Storage, it goes much more in depth and has some great pictures I would check out.

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