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Video: Revolights — Crazy LED Bike Rim Lights 4

Revolights – LED Lights for Visibility and Lighting

Winter Bike Safety

So first off, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a good one. The way many Thanksgiving Thursday’s begin, I commenced the day with a competitive(Read: Vicious) game of football with my friends. I’ve just arrived home, and after doing my usual routine of surfing the internet to find bike related cool-stuff(that’s the technical term isn’t it?) I came upon this video which was recently shown on the Bike Rumor website, and I thought I would share.

Honestly, I’m always a bit nervous when I ride at night, and when I don’t have a good shoulder or bike path to ride on. When you are riding at night, visibility is drastically decreased, and for your safety and the safety of anyone driving as well, being seen is very important! Now that we’re getting into the late Fall, and soon to Winter, days are growing(unfortunately) shorter and shorter. Sometimes I’ll go out for a ride at 2pm and by the time I’m on my way back by 5, I have to pull out my lights already.

I use pretty simple lighting equipment, just a front white LED headlight, the ion 1.5 by Bontrager, and the Flare 1, red LED’s for the back, also from Bontrager. I really like them both, visibility is really great with the Flare 1–up to 3000ft, and it has 3 modes to pick from. The ion 1.5 also has 3 modes to pick from, a full intensity light, low intensity, and strobe–it’s just bright enough to see the road well in front of me, but also helps cars see me who are coming from perpendicular cross-streets.

Night biking lighting equipment

My night biking lighting equipment

The Revolights(check out their website) are supposed to help with both increasing your visibility to drivers, bikers and pedestrians on the road, but also help light your way–and they look pretty damn cool too. I have to say they’re definitely a bit like, “Hey, look at me!” but maybe that’s not so bad when you need to be seen at night.

The only downfall would be that they probably aren’t exactly a snap to put on. The lights I use are, quite literally, a snap to put on and to take off, which is great so I don’t have to worry about them being stolen, I just take them with me instead. But, according the the Revolights website, they are thief-proof, and I’m betting they’re correct on that(as long as your tire is secure).

Anyway, safe riding, hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  • James McLaughlin (@jamesmcla)

    This is flipping crazy! And impressive

    • Ezra

      This is flipping crazy! Call me flipping maybe?

      Just kidding. Yeah it’s pretty awesome, I think riding with them you still may need a good standard lighting set, but they will for sure increase your visibility a lot and make you look cool. If you like that, you’ll probably like this too: Mini Monkey Lights.

      Thanks James!

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