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Video: NYC Bike Messengers 5

New York City Bike Messenger

New York City Bike Messenger

New York City Bike Messengers

This is a pretty crazy video I found of New York City Bicycle Messengers reeking havoc on the streets of NYC. I’m worried for the camera-bicycle-mans life about every 15 seconds or so. Enjoy!

If you’re interested, here is an interview with a New York City Bike Messenger out of the New York Times.

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  • Phoebe

    Wow. To me, this is just plain scary. A little exciting, yes, but mostly scary! Also, this type of recklessness is often what people complain about when they complain about city cyclists.

    Ah, well.

    • Ezra

      Yeah, you’re definitely right. Riding like this only creates animosity and is certainly dangerous for everyone. I was biting my nails a little bit while I watched, but I like the video, it’s dramatic!

      • Phoebe

        It is! And it doesn’t escape my notice that most of the wild bikers are male, and young-ish, and white. There’s a very specific sub-culture there and I’m on the outside, looking in.

  • Dean Rowntree

    That’s just plain irresponsible. They have some balls, but at least think about the other people who are unaware!

    • Ezra Rufino

      It’s really darn irresponsible, I agree. They do have some balls that’s for sure, glad that it seems no one was hurt in the making of this film.

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