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The Feeling of Riding a New Bicycle 4

My Miata 310

My Miata 310

Riding a new bike is great. Of course, simply riding a bike is great. We all remember how it was when we first got our hands on a two wheeler and got it moving on our own. I remember this so clearly, I can watch it play in my memory like an old film projected against an old white sheet. I’m not that old, but it still feels that way.

I was living in Brooklyn and I’d ridden the old tricycle for long enough. We had a great apartment on Union street, at least, I remember it as being great. Large open spaces, big dining room leading to a large living room where we kept my favorite couch. It had recliners on two sides. There were two bedrooms, and my older sister and I somehow swindled my parents, convincing them to move us into the master bedroom, taking my little sister along as well. We had a nice big room, the three of us, and my parents moved into our other bedroom. (Between you and me, I think they just didn’t want to be roommates with my little sister anymore. She was 1ish.)

In the backyard was a swing set my father built, and the bike that he was teaching me to ride. It was an old BMX bike, I’m pretty sure we found it the garbage somewhere, or maybe it was a hand me down, all I know is that it wasn’t new, but it didn’t matter either. From the back my father would hold onto the seat while I tried to maintain balance.

It didn’t work. Try again.

And again.

And again. He’s holding on back there right? This is scary. But then he wasn’t holding on, and I was going on without him. That was the ultimate freedom, it really and truly was. And once you got it, you got it, and you were off. I made it past the garage on the first try. Round two and I made it onto the drive way and out to the sidewalk. Stopping becomes the hard part. You need to learn how to without hitting something, or vice versa.

Anyway, riding my new Miata 310 has been a blast so far. It’s faster and lighter than my Cannondale, the riding position is lower and taking time to get used to, the shifting and breaking systems are different, and the tires are thinner and harder to balance.

At first the saddle had been bothering me, but I’m becoming more used to it every day.

Later this week as promised I’ll be posting more detailed information and pictures on the bike. If you have time check us out on Twitter or Facebook this week, I promise it’ll be awesome. If you want, even subscribe by putting your email into the subscribe box on the right of the screen, I’ll love you for that.

Happy Monday!

Enjoy your week,

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  • Scott Mahler

    I know what you mean. I can still remember the feeling of riding my Mongoose BMX bike in the snow on Christmas Day when I was 14 – amazing! And I had that same feeling a few months ago when I took my brand new Specialized Sirrus performance hybrd out for a spin for the first time. Wow! I was a kid all over again.

    • Ezra

      It is such a great feeling! Free and invigorated. Thats a nice bike you’ve got there!

      Thanks for coming by and commenting Scott!

  • Ronlawhouston

    I love my Miyata 310. I bought it in 1984 from Freewheeling Bicycle in Austin, Texas. It gave me many, many happy miles until I finally gave in a bought a carbon fiber Fuji. The frame is light yet very strong. I’m in the process of turning it into a urban grocery getter/touring bike. Anyway, thanks for the post.

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