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Philadelphia City Council Votes in Favor of Complete Streets

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Philly City Council Passes Complete Streets Bill

On NPR this morning I was glad to hear that Philadelphia’s city council voted unanimously to pass the city’s Complete Streets bill. Complete streets usually means increasing the safety for all of a city’s citizens. Giving the rights deserved to pedestrians and cyclists, and making it clear that all modes of transportation must share the roads and sidewalks safely.

To read more on this check out this article from Philly Mag which states that the bill will “overhaul the city’s traffic code”:

  • Prohibiting Parking in Bike Lanes
  • Increase the fine for riding on the sidwalk(that means you bikes)
  • Eliminate a law prohibiting cyclists from riding side by side, 2 deep
  • Make opening a car door into a traffic lane(to avoid dooring) a traffic code violation

Big ups to Philadelphia!

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