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New Generation in Detroit, Living Green

Welcome To Detroit

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Detroit youth helping their neighborhoods go green

I found this post on Model D MediaGreen City Diaries: Sustainability, the next generation and the video at the bottom I thought was particularly awesome so I’m sharing it here.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is something we’ve all heard, and it’s one the basics that is always great to keep in mind. Non-profits like Recycle Here and schools are working together in Detroit to teach kids about implementing a sustainable lifestyle. And the “3 R’s” isn’t a bad place to start.

But, beyond that youths are going out to help neighbors and friends, reduce their energy use, and learn to apply Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to their lives. Something that I believe not only helps families in cities live with a lower environmental impact, but also helps them save some money along the way. I live with my mother, and we are always saving plastic bags to reuse, or aluminum foil and plastic wrap, which is one small way that anyone can reuse daily items to lower their environmental impact. From reducing what goes to the landfill and the creation of new plastics.

Sometimes it's just about the small and steps.

If you have any ideas for ways that you take simple steps to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle, let us know and post them below!

Anyway, check out this video of a Father-Daughter team, rapping about their neighborhood and being good to the community. I do love rap music, and I am a sucker for positive raps like this so I hope you enjoy.

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