Intersection Follies: A new video from Transportation Alternatives | NYMBlog

Intersection Follies: A new video from Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives

Intersection Follies: A video on bike lane etiquette in NYC.

If you haven’t heard of Transportation Alternatives(@Transalt) they are New York City’s number one advocacy group for bikers, walkers and those using public transportation in the city. They are a great organization that is always fighting for more bike lanes, and safety for those using alternative ways to get around New York, that isn’t driving.

This video is great because it not only teaches those a bit of etiquette when it comes to using(and being around) bike lanes, but it’s also pretty entertaining and humorous. It’s important that as we push for increased bike lanes and bike and pedestrian safety, that we also educate ourselves on how to properly ride and walk in the city or the burbs. Doing that shows that we are dedicated to biking and also dedicated to the safety of ourselves and others as we ride.

Enjoy the video!

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