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Do you have a law to protect your face(and other parts too)? 2

Richard Masoner from Cyclelicious has been tracking down the dooring laws in each state and this is a map of what he found:

Dooring Laws Map

Image Credit: Richard Masoner

I thought it was really interesting to find that New Jersey was on the list for no dooring laws. A glaring red NJ. I did a quick search on The Google to see if I could come up with anything, but I came up short. I’ve been nearly doored on a quite few occasions on my bike, and it can be really scary! A rare rage builds up inside of me for a few short seconds until the cool air brings me down.

It’s very important for drivers to be aware that they should be checking twice in their mirror and through their window for bicyclists, and as bicyclists we should do our best to maintain a safe distance from the car doors and stay alert!

Are you green or red? Do you have laws against dooring in your state?


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  • Lance

    Hey Ezra – In NYC, we’re allowed to “take the lane” when the lane is too narrow to share safely. Staying clear of the door-zone is implicit in this post about taking the lane “Avoiding the Squeeze”.

    • Ezra Rufino

      Hey Lance! I was just having this discussion with Andy at WalkBikeJersey, a blog I really like from the area. It’s definitely important to know when to “take the lane.” Very often when I do so, drivers can be a bit angry, but in the end it’s better for both of our safety.

      I really loved and learned a lot in your Lane Positioning post, can’t recommend reading it enough!

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