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Bike Commuting: #bikenyc


#BikeNYC Weekly Wrap Up

What you may have missed this week in New York City bike commuting culture.

- You’ve probably already seen this, but this guy commutes 40 miles into the city by bike.

- This is a rebuttal to the New York Times article above from Atlantic Cities. It seems that #BikeNYC photographer Dimitry Gudkov, wasn’t thrilled with the message it sent. But it’s true, it doesn’t take a superhero to bike commute. We don’t all wear NASA worthy capo bib shorts, do we?

- Gizmodo wasn’t a big fan of these cycling jerseys, what do you think? I might rock a spidey suit.

- Denis Hamil pisses me off, but, it’s ok. He wrote this opinion piece on bike lanes. As Brooklyn Spoke mentioned, we need more positive press for bike commuting in NYC to help politicians confidently support safer streets in New York.

- The Gothamist–which I tend to love–does excellently in combating the old man above. How are bike lanes really affecting New York City? Too many awesome pedestrian plazas? To many goals of safer streets? I hate that stuff.

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