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Bike Commute Thoughts and Citibike Survey! 4

Bike Commuting w/ Bike Bag

It’s Friday once again and it’s also already the middle of July which is absolutely wild. May and June just flew by!

I apologize for not writing as much as I used to here on NYMBlog, it’s been tough to balance everything that’s been going on in my life lately. Everything from launching our bike bag store, to working another full time job, writing here, socializing, and getting some time for myself too, has me a bit behind.

I’m writing more often at the Blog, so check that out from time to time also, and you’re welcome to add that to your RSS Readers if you like. But, I’ll be absolutely continuing to write here.

I really enjoy writing NYMBlog because the tone is different and we can discuss a whole different side of cycling here and get a good discussion going.

It’s amazing because almost every day someone asks me about my bike commute, and they say how hard it must be, or how long, or how hot, or cold, or wet, and sometimes it is all of those things. But, on every single ride at some point I feel a sense of freedom and joy that I don’t get any other way. It’s a bit of a release.

Anyone else feel that way?

Sometimes I’m tired and I actually dread taking a 6 mile trek to work in 95 degree weather, but then I feel the breeze, and I’m speeding down a hill or around a bend, and any reason that I would have to not want to ride has passed. And it’s pure joy.

Anyway, enough about me.

I’m really curious about how everyone has been feeling about Citibike in good ol’ New York?

How has Citibike been working out?


The infamous Citibike…bike.

I’ve heard a lot of different things about Citibike. I have yet to use one, but my next visit to the city I’ll be hoping on one for sure. Every day there is a new news story, or 10, about Citibike. Either it’s amazing, or it’s broken, or it’s being used for an exercise class by a comedian with long hair.

Mostly the last one though.

Personally, I think that Citibike and bike share in general is awesome. I also think that there will always be kinks that need to be ironed out. It’ll never be perfect, but it can very useful for so many people in the city.

Have you been using Citibike? If so, what do you think? Have you had any issues? Successes? Has it been worth it for you?

If you haven’t been using Citibike, what are your impressions? Angry at Citibikers? Love ‘em?

Are you using bike share in another city like DC or Chicago?

Let’s talk about it!

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  • Lance

    There’s something about having that magic little key in your pocket that makes you look for excuses to go places. “Sure, I’ll be right over, I don’t mind, there’s a bike station right on your corner.”, or “Meet for pierogis? Why not? I can CitiBike there” It’s the trips you never knew you’d make that is the secret sauce. You won’t understand the feeling till you’ve got the key in your pocket.

    • Ezra Rufino

      That’s a good insight into the mind of a Citibiker Lance. You’re making me more anxious to give it a shot!

      I’m going to have to take another look at the map also to see where the stations are and what areas of the city are accessible at this point.

  • Alex A.

    Last Saturday, I went on a Forrest Gump marathon-style jaunt from Hoboken to Weehawken and then PATH’d it over to the Hudson River Greenway. The next day, my friends were barbequing in DUMBO and afterwards, I biked from there to the Chelsea Trader Joe’s. I got my fill of seeing CitiBikes, being used for recreational and travel purposes. I love bike share but I just wish people had more common sense and rode more responsibly because you could tell the difference between those with CitiBikes and their own bicycles. But I think that with time, and with the NYPD enforcing bicycle traffic laws, it will get better. I do realize that last part is controversial, but I just can’t stand it when people ride the wrong way down a street or on a sidewalk and believe that enforcement will help (no pun intended) curb that.

    • Ezra Rufino

      Although it might be a bit controversial I am in complete agreement. But, I think that there will be a learning curve that we’ll see and it will definitely change. For a period of time though, it could be tough to be around an influx of cyclists that may not be so clear on the rules.

      It’s definitely about learning the rules of the road a bit. I remember when I first began riding and realized that you can’t and shouldn’t just do as you please. At some point most riders are going to get it together.

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