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6 Bike Things To Kick Off Your Week 2

While I watched Lance discover himself on OWN, I binged on more bike blogs and posts from last week. Here are 6 things you’ll want to see to kick off your week!

1. Ever worry about your bike being stolen?

This Xena U-Lock has an alarm as well as shock and movement sensors. Check out the post on pedal pusher, a great blog to keep you updated on bicycling.

2. This is a dog on a bike, who doesn’t like that?

I found this originally on Pinterest from a blog I’ve been loving to read recently Women Cyclists.

3. The Dutch with their Sneeuwketting. Don’t know what that is? They’re Bike Spikes.
Dutch Bike Spike

Dutch Bike Spike

Sneeuwketting are snap-on snow tires for your bike. Check out the bike spikes video, because it just might change your life. Just kidding, but it looks like they work pretty well anyway.

4. I teared up watching this video. It should probably be number one on this list.

Thanks for the words Lebron. We all probably know by now that Lebron likes to ride his bike too.

5. Do you have a hunters reflex?

Image Credit: Richard Masoner

Cyclelicious often keeps us up to date on a lot of cycling news and cool bike related products and information. I was just wondering why my hands are suddenly warm half way through a freezing cold ride, and Richard Masoner has the answer: Hunters Response.

6. Someone in Austin Doesn’t like Armstrong? That’s weird.

Oh no.

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  • http://twitter.com/alexaiello Alexandra Aiello

    that is one sick lock!

    • http://nymblog.com/ Ezra Rufino

      It truly is over the top! And they come in an awesome variety of sizes, I’d love one of them. Thanks so much for coming by Alexandra, its good to see you over here!

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